Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Barn - built to last

One month ago I had the pleasure of exploring parts of North Wales with my son, his fiancee, and my husband.  We stayed in the village of Llanegryn.  Almost all buildings there are very solidly built, made with thick walls of stone.

As one of the members of the SSOBB - the Secret Society of Barn Builders, only we are no longer a "secret"- this abandoned house and barn caught my eye.

Just thought I'd share as these photos as the barns are different from those one sees in New England, USA.

From Wales, we went to the Lake District in the North of England. There stone barns are also prominent, but the stone is smaller than that used in Wales.

Of course, everywhere we went were paddocks of sheep and little lambs.

Julie Sefton's book, Build -A- Barn: No Pattern Construction, is now published. It is a terrific guide to free-piecing buildings.   I just might expand my quilting horizons by building a stone barn!

By the way, there is a Blog Hop going on now.  Check it out and see the many different barns that were created by the SSOBB.   Free piecing?  YES!  You can do it!


  1. Wow! What beautiful stone buildings! Stone barns, who knew?

  2. What gorgeous stone barns -- your photos are better than any I've seen. THANK YOU for sharing them with us!


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