Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Slow Quilting

Some of you may know "slow quilting" as a key word used by Rayna Gillman in her book, create your own free-form quilts.  Last spring I made a lot of strip units (strip therapy) and I've been slow quilting with them for the past two to three weeks.

This is a new process for me and it does require patience.  I would move a piece, or remove it, and then leave the result hanging on the wall for a while.  Every now and then I'd move, add, or subtract, slash, and always ask "what if?"  I even contacted Rayna and she gave me pointers and encouragement.  I found it hard to create when I didn't know what I was creating.  I am so used to working with a theme in mind.  In the end, I decided I was just trying to find a harmonious arrangement for the strips, shapes and colors I had chosen to use.  One of the rewards was using "ugly" fabrics and actually liking them!

Here is how the composition came together...

Strike 1

Strike 2

Ta- Da!

I will be doing some more strip therapy and making more of these compositions.  Another way to play!


  1. Fantastic; the first was nice, but the last is very eye pleasing. Looks like you had fun.

  2. Wonderful! I am always so impressed with the quilts you make. I have to get a design wall one of these days, maybe that will help me, Karin

  3. I particularly like the "block" near the bottom on the left. This is really cool...I really need to spend more time letting my fair down and just letting things just happen. That always makes me so nervous. Why is it I always like everyone else's free-form work and think mine looks stupid?!?

    It sounds terrible, but I am ready for our holiday company to leave so I can get down to the quilt cave! (there...I said it!)

  4. This looks really good! I have Rayna's book and I want to try this. I get very impatient with myself and want it to just come together quickly, but I find I do like it better in the end if I take the time to let it evolve. It's a process, isn't it?

  5. I have both of Rayna's books, they are wonderful. Love your "ta da" piece.

  6. It seems all my quilts are slow. I guess that is why it is more about process rather than projects.

    Your quilt makes me think maybe I should start using my batiks again. I've so discouraged by them lately. Maybe I should just get rid of the ones that weigh me down and vow to use the others.

  7. I just recently discovered Rayna when a friend shared her Quilting Arts DVD with me. I am also playing with strips but not too happy with my first result either. I can't sew crooked enough! Isn't that a hoot?


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