Sunday, March 13, 2016

She's been too quiet ...

As with a small child, quiet usually translates as busy - good busy or otherwise.  That's exactly how I have been since my last post.  Blogging falls by the wayside as the day comes to an end and all I want to do is relax and sleep.  So today I decided I'd just do it and check one more thing off my list.

Here's the quilting related list and some photos:

** Teaching at the local fabric/art shop, Fiddlehead Artisan Supply - five different classes.
- Introduction to Quilting - a four week class - Done.  Another session is in the works for mid April.

- Planning and "practicing" for teaching a class about using the Quick Curve Ruler (a Sew Kind of Wonderful notion). Here are the quilts/ tops I have made for this project. The title of the patterns are in parentheses)
From a free pattern ("Fun Poinsettia") on the Sew Kind of Wonderful web page:
This version follows the free pattern instructions. It  has been made into a pillow cover.  Hand quilted.

These two versions are also made from the above pattern, but I played "what if?" to see how the pattern changes.

Double Wedding Rings ("Metro Rings") - using solid colors and white on black and black on white fabrics to make the bits in the ring.  I chose the gray background to highlight rings that were made with black on white. The white background goes with those made with white on black.

("Deco Shimmer")
A variety of fabric was used because I didn't have enough of any one color/fabric to complete the pattern as directed.
Strings of Beads ("Urban Chained")
Again, limited background fabric, hence the stripes.

- Planning for teaching three liberated classes: Stars, Houses, and Windmills. I have photo-samples of the first two topics, but my windmill pieces are hanging in the store and I don't have a photo.

the smallest star in this galaxy measures 1 inch.

** Digging into my stash and making a little dent with Slashed Squares - influenced by Lynne Tyler's recent projects:  (She provided a tutorial)
From this:
and this
to this

** Making a baby quilt for my niece's little one. I made an amish style quilt for the parents' wedding. It made sense to do likewise for the baby. I make small baby quilts, which can graduate in time to being a doll or teddy bear quilt. This one is 24" x 32",  A little bit bigger than I usually make.

** Planning three I Spy quilts for slightly older nephews and nieces.  I have all the patches, just haven't put them on the design wall to see what lay out I want.

** Making  mug rugs for two very special people whom I will see very soon.

** Keeping a BIG Secret, which can now be whispered about.... SSOBB. The Secret Society of Barn Builders!  See the link on my sidebar.

It may be a little while before I post again, but I will try to be more timely.