Wednesday, June 26, 2013

11 - 11- 11 finally finished!

The all corduroy quilt which I made for  Corduroy Appreciation Day (11-11-11) is finally finished! You can read about its beginnings here.

 I backed it with a piece of flannel (which I bought YEARS ago with the idea of making a nightie for myself).  I did not use any batting, because I felt the corduroy was heavy enough; it didn't need the extra insulation.

 I took my time quilting it using either red or light blue perle cotton #8. Sometimes I used the big stitch, but more often I reverted to a smaller stitch length, simply because that is what I am used to. I had no overall quilting plan, so each section was decided as I came to it.  There are two pieces of velvet in the quilt, which I left unquilted.  The binding is made from a tight velour or suede cloth, which was in the bag along with the corduroy pieces that I had received.

 Friends asked me if corduroy is hard to hand quilt. Actually no.  It isn't as tightly woven as one might expect. Not having a batting to needle through also helped.

This is the most free formed quilt I have ever made.  The more I look at it, the more I like it!


  1. fun quilt and great hand quilting.

  2. What an amazing quilt . . . I love that you allowed the quilting to evolve as you worked and that it is not all the same (size and color). Awesome finish!

  3. This is Fabulous!!! A striking quilt and the your hand quilting is wonderful.

  4. Really, really great! Your stitching adds even more interest.

  5. What a fabulous item, corduroy is such a great fabric. You always make such nice stuff, fun to see...


  6. Somehow the triangular images that float across this quilt make me want to name it, "Regatta". It is very pleasing to look at it!

  7. Makes me happy to look at your quilt. The freedom in the design is great. I'm a big fan of Gwen Marston, so easy for me to like this too. I can appreciate the things you write in the sidebar about you making quilts. I totally agree. I liked reading down your blog, thanks.

  8. Congratulations!! It looks wonderful! I love the quilting you did. It adds a whole other layer of design on top of the great design you pieced.

    This makes me want to hurry up and finish my 11-11-11 cord quilt. I'm STILL tying the thing. It's seeming to take forever - because I don't work on it often enough. The end is in sight. I'm hoping to have it done for this year's 11-11.


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