Sunday, March 13, 2016

She's been too quiet ...

As with a small child, quiet usually translates as busy - good busy or otherwise.  That's exactly how I have been since my last post.  Blogging falls by the wayside as the day comes to an end and all I want to do is relax and sleep.  So today I decided I'd just do it and check one more thing off my list.

Here's the quilting related list and some photos:

** Teaching at the local fabric/art shop, Fiddlehead Artisan Supply - five different classes.
- Introduction to Quilting - a four week class - Done.  Another session is in the works for mid April.

- Planning and "practicing" for teaching a class about using the Quick Curve Ruler (a Sew Kind of Wonderful notion). Here are the quilts/ tops I have made for this project. The title of the patterns are in parentheses)
From a free pattern ("Fun Poinsettia") on the Sew Kind of Wonderful web page:
This version follows the free pattern instructions. It  has been made into a pillow cover.  Hand quilted.

These two versions are also made from the above pattern, but I played "what if?" to see how the pattern changes.

Double Wedding Rings ("Metro Rings") - using solid colors and white on black and black on white fabrics to make the bits in the ring.  I chose the gray background to highlight rings that were made with black on white. The white background goes with those made with white on black.

("Deco Shimmer")
A variety of fabric was used because I didn't have enough of any one color/fabric to complete the pattern as directed.
Strings of Beads ("Urban Chained")
Again, limited background fabric, hence the stripes.

- Planning for teaching three liberated classes: Stars, Houses, and Windmills. I have photo-samples of the first two topics, but my windmill pieces are hanging in the store and I don't have a photo.

the smallest star in this galaxy measures 1 inch.

** Digging into my stash and making a little dent with Slashed Squares - influenced by Lynne Tyler's recent projects:  (She provided a tutorial)
From this:
and this
to this

** Making a baby quilt for my niece's little one. I made an amish style quilt for the parents' wedding. It made sense to do likewise for the baby. I make small baby quilts, which can graduate in time to being a doll or teddy bear quilt. This one is 24" x 32",  A little bit bigger than I usually make.

** Planning three I Spy quilts for slightly older nephews and nieces.  I have all the patches, just haven't put them on the design wall to see what lay out I want.

** Making  mug rugs for two very special people whom I will see very soon.

** Keeping a BIG Secret, which can now be whispered about.... SSOBB. The Secret Society of Barn Builders!  See the link on my sidebar.

It may be a little while before I post again, but I will try to be more timely.


  1. Love your version of the slashed squares!! And I also love the red and green deco shimmer!

  2. You have been very busy . . . so much goodness. I adore your houses, stars, and liberated scrappiness and your Slashed Squares is gorgeous. I am so happy that all of us can now share our participation in the SSOBB (with photos and even more stories yet to come).

  3. So. Much. Wonky. Goodness.
    And it looks to me that maybe you've perfected the use of the not-so-quick curve ruler! ;)

  4. So. Much. Wonky. Goodness.
    And it looks to me that maybe you've perfected the use of the not-so-quick curve ruler! ;)


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