Saturday, November 26, 2011

Swap blocks and more

As many of you know, one of the pleasures of quilt blogging is the opportunity to join in projects distant from home base.  What better way is there to try out different techniques or designs?  Plus, the internet contacts are very rewarding.

I joined the 15 minutes play  scrap  "New'Bee".  For December, V asked us to make an ethereal star and surround it with dark scrap background.  She sent us two swatches of fabric to incorporate however we wanted. These swatches were a bright orange print and a navy with bright green ikat.  We could also include another star if we wanted or send her an extra star.  Any kind of star was legit, so I went liberated.
This is going to NYC very soon:

I also joined the Blogger's BOM, hosted by Jackie.  I love this BOM.  I can raid my own stash.  I can experiment with color combinations. The blocks have been fun to make. Each is designed by a different quilter and each month is presented as a surprise. And the BOM is free.

 I decided to make 4 of each block.   I am using different light orange and yellow backgrounds (the color is washed out in these pictures) and plan to put all the blocks together in a good size happy quilt.  Here's what I have so far:

September:  Block designed by Sherri McConnell

October: Block designed by Vicki Welsh

November: Block designed by Stephanie Dunphy

I also joined Beth Shibley's Neighborhood House Party.
Here are my houses:
I'm sending them to Beth. She will be 'redistributing' the gathered blocks to some lucky winners on January 1. The number of winners depends on how many people join the party.  Everyone has only ONE chance, regardless of how many houses she may have contributed.    I look forward to seeing all the different houses.

Hey!  Anyone can do this.  Check out the link above and join the fun.  Just remember, your house needs to be in Beth's hands by Dec. 31.


  1. Kathy ... this is SO cool. I especially like the house with all the flowers.

  2. Stephanie Dunphy's stars are very interesting. I've never made any like that before. May have to check out this BOM program! Making blocks and experimenting with colors in them is one of my favorite things to do. :- )


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