Saturday, March 17, 2012


Growing a big quilt takes time, especially when one is faced with seemingly endless possibilities in terms of fabric selection.  Yes,  I am stuck on triangles galore (see earlier posts).  I have sewn 11 blocks (12.5 inch blocks).

I have cut the triangles for 14 more blocks.  (I cut two more after taking the picture)

I'll probably aim to cut an additional 10 - 12 blocks before I call it big enough. (Some of the blocks will be pillows.)

At one end of my table I have some the fabric pulled from my stash as possibilities.

At the other end I have already cut triangles waiting to be put together in whatever magic combination I conjure up.

I am trying hard to keep the pattern of strong radiating points against a light background, while the center triangles contrast with each other.  I am also trying to put together oddball  unique fabric combinations to make close-up viewing interesting.   Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I suppose I could use excess triangles in a thousand pyramid quilt... more possibilities... hmmm.

That's not all I have been doing.  This canvas tote bag holds the fabrics I have selected as possibilities in the wedding quilt I am making.


A block for this quilt is about 16" x 24".  Each block is different. I have 15 blocks to make.  I've done 4.   Nine more to go.  Here's a sneak peek of an almost finished block.

I've set a goal of finishing the piecing of this quilt by June.  Guess you could say I've got my work cut out!

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  1. Wow, I love your triangles galore blocks! I am intrigued by this block too. I started out just cutting the triangles from yardage, but now I'm also making fabric from scraps for some of the triangles. That quilt is going to be amazing! I also like your Seattle block. Free pieced letters always make me smile.


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