Friday, October 12, 2012

Liberated Medallions 1

Liberated Medallions was the topic for Gwen Marston's 2012 Beaver Island Quilt Retreat.
One of the neat things about this style is that there is no formula. These quilts are built one row at a time.  The resulting quilts were as varied as the attendees.  I did not get capture photos of all the quilts, but I'll show you some I did get. I apologize in advance for any blurriness.  These were taken during the last day's show and tell.  There was hardly time to photograph or get close enough for a good shot- hence the angles.  Enjoy the show. (These are from the 5th week of the retreat.)

Sally's Zebras
Jean's Parrot Tulip
Sylvia's Blue on Black
Denise's Baskets
Charlotte's "Spot"
Sue's Portrait
Elisa's Lady of Guadalupe
Kyra's  Framed Applique

Sue's Kaffe Medallion

Pat's Cherrywood Beauty

Karin's  curious Kitty (made from floor scraps)
Close up of Karin's Kitty


  1. Beautiful quilts! This is a wonderful way to develope a quilt top.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. really fun. gotta say I'm partial to the kitty, meow, and the baskets (hey, initials and the year in there - woohoo). so happy for you that you got to go do this!


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