Friday, October 26, 2012

Puttzing about

I have been puttzing around in the sewing room. After looking at this on the design wall for a month  and adding another strip of flying geese, I decided it needed reconfiguration, even though it had been sewn together.

I am now content with the results after unsewing two times.

The back is made and the binding is cut, therefore no more redesigning.

A momentary clean sweep of the big table and my sewing machine station brought about a "scrap attack".  I did not want to put away the bunches of scraps , so I borrowed an Accuquilt Go from a friend and cut mostly 2 inch squares, which now reside in the squares box.

I also made these blocks of the strips that were lying on my sewing machine table.  I have tons more strips to play with ( see the box on the table), but the scrap attack urge has subsided for the time being.

We shall see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, there is always something to finish up.


  1. It's gorgeous and I love those string blocks.

  2. I wish i knew someone with a cutter, great collection of squares


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