Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Entertaining myself

The house selling process is coming along pretty well.   We hope to be on our way East by the end of May.  The whole time has been exciting, nerve-wracking, tedious, endless, and busy.  We are fortunate to have neighbors who go South for the winter and allowed us to use their house for about a month while we did the spit polish cleaning before the house listed, and then during the showings and inspections.  That was such a help. You can't tell a dog and cat to stop shedding or to quit bringing in debris from their daily outings.  With the dog and cat out of the house and us in socks only state, we managed to get the house ready with minimal stress.

I found I still needed to keep myself creatively busy to get a good nights sleep and to feel a sense of accomplishment so here's what I did during my down time:

Looked for interesting reflections and photographed them.  Here's a sampling
Neighbor's house reflected on the glass of a print of a fisher-boy

Snow, lamp and shade and my husband on glass of another painting

Primroses in the window

the same primroses in the glass of the china cabinet

Had some fun with punchneedle embroidery.
 I don't do this often, as it is tedious, but I was without a sewing machine and I didn't want to haul my scraps over to our "borrowed house".  First I made up a kit as a warm-up project.

4" x 4"

Once that was completed, I sketched a cottage by a lake onto a piece of muslin and had fun picking the thread colors and figuring out the details as I went along.

4" x 6"

Explored lines, color, and space using fabric.
This is just an "exercise".  It is not meant to represent anything.  (The only functional design wall I have right now is a piece of foam-core board that is covered with black fabric.  Its real purpose is a background for photographing light bordered quilts.)  When I was playing with the purple,pink, and white fabrics and began sewing them together, I realized that I could add black scraps to make "empty space" as another feature.

trial and error

"Good and Plenty" - all sewn up.  There is a black border surrounding the center.

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  1. beautiful little quilt, exercise or not. good luck with the house selling. Are you moving to Maine? Hope you'll have internet.


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