Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Some eye candy

Hi!  I'm still here and the sewing machine has been humming along.

I've been working on lots of little projects and a couple of bigger ones. A couple of projects are secrets... and will remain so for a while. Most of the small projects were class samples.  I've been teaching beginning basic quilting and also beginning paper piecing at the local shop. The shop is small and chock full of fabric and a lot of art supplies. Available space limits class size to 4 at a time. Actually, that is an ideal number, as I can give lots of individual attention. It is fun to help someone discover and enjoy the process that is involved in quilting. I allow my students to select any project or pattern with squares, rectangles and triangles, and I help them make it, providing technique information as they need it. This is a casual approach, but it works and the students set the pace!

Here is a flimsy that was created since I last posted.

The center was inspired by a pattern called Eye Candy, from !Caliente Quilts! by Priscilla Bianchi. As fun as it was making the striped squares and the background pieces, I found myself wanting more. The quilt needed action and surprises. Hence, it evolved into a liberated medallion (Gwen Marston style).  Sorry I couldn't get a better photo.  I was backed against a huge snow bank and had maybe 4 feet between myself and the quilt.

When I piece I do leader and ender experiments at the same time.  I never know just what I'll end up with when I start these.  One such experiment was to piece nine-patches that would finish at 1.5 inches.  It didn't take me long to decide this wasn't something I wanted to continue.  It demands precision piecing which is NOT one of my strong points. But, I wasn't about to waste the little blocksso I pieced them into four patches using 2 inch squares from my stash of scrap squares.  This is destined to become a pillow.

I am still working with my scrap squares and expect to have another posting in a couple of days.

See you then.


  1. Actually I scrolled thru and I like everything you do...Inspiration that I will follow thru with once some of our family trauma has subsided

  2. Wow, that is some spicy eye candy! Love your medallion - those additional borders really finished off that beautiful center just the right way. I love your addition of the bright blue to bring out the blue in the center.

    Your pillow top is some insane piecing! It is so sweet and charming, and such LITTLE 9-patches! W.O.W.

    Good for you for doing some teaching! It's always fun to help someone else learn about our crazy addiction, isn't it? *grin*


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