Saturday, December 20, 2014

Plugging away, getting things done slowly

I have been back in the quilting saddle, but my horse keeps turning me away from the blogging station.  (Gotta blame something!)  I've been busy with several projects, among them some finishes!


Crumbs and Behind Bars were quilted just before I left Michigan. I finally got the bindings done.
I backed the crumb quilt with a piece of red seersucker and narrow strips of floral fabric. I brought the backing around to the front as binding.  
Crumbs.  queen futon.
detail of Crumbs.  Note: six inch ruler for scale.
Crumbs backing
Behind Bars has a rather plain creamy backing and striped binding.

Behind Bars
detail - Behind Bars 
Marilyn Lange did all the quilting. I am happy with both of these quilts.

Off the wall and waiting for further action...

You gotta listen to your quilt.  I made this red /green liberated medallion before I moved and planned on adding to it. This fall I put another border on it.  I thought I'd be adding more borders, but everything I tried just didn't work.  The quilt said, "STOP".  So I did.
this quilt said STOP!

Nine-patch rejects revived

Last month I was going through one of my boxes and found a lot of nine-patches that were from an exchange I participated in many years ago.  I decided on a whim to use them up (now or never).  Of course, this was supposed to be a quick project.  Not so fast! More than a few of these blocks were cut smaller than the needed 3.5 inch dimensions, or were sewn crookedly.  At first I un-sewed a few and put them back together. That was a chore.  Then I remembered Gwen Marston's mantra,"If it is too small, add on; if it is too big, cut it off".  Bingo!

9-patch detail. Note strips added to the red/green square

 3 inch 9-patch 

I am so happy to have an empty design wall.  I get to play again!

Wishing all of you a pleasant holiday and a Happy New Year!


  1. yay, congrats! love those crumb quilts - they came out great.

  2. Kathy, These are all wonderful such wonderful projects! I love them all. It's not easy to make a good result with red and green. My attempts have resulted in a muddy blah. But yours is brilliant and exciting. You make me want to run to my machine!

  3. I totally ADORE the red and green medallion!

  4. wow! lots ot goodies here -- love the crumbs and the nine-patches and that wonderful medallion that told you what to do!

  5. Simply fabulous - LOVE the crumbs and the medallions - wow!! And your nine patches ... Well done!!

  6. Such good stuff. Love the progress you are making. Glad you are back in action after the move.

  7. Kathy, Just looked up your blog when I found the address in a notebook from BIQR. Glad you got moved and hope you are staying warm. We had a lot of snow this winter and I started and completed 3 quilts. I love being snowed in. Love your work especially the red and green quilt. It's amazing. Enter it in a contest!!!


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