Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sitges, continued.

The guest exhibitions were really my favorites, partly because I knew of many of the featured quilters and because one could see the extent of their work from 1998 onward.

Keiko Goke from Japan had some very bright quilts, which caught the eye of many observers. I especially like her liberated approach to quilting - right up my alley.  Keiko has worked with Gwen Marston and it shows!

Title: To those who become the winds  (made after the Tsunami, which hit Sendai, Keiko's home)

double wedding ring


another post-tsunami quilt, "Can flowers grow in the sea?"

Libby Lehman,  thread painter extra-ordinaire. I loved the transparencies she created.  My favorite is shown below.  Favorite because I am currently working with radially symmetrical shapes!

close up of above quilt

It seems ironic that I should travel to Spain to see work done by quilters from the USA, especially Pat Holly, who lives here in Ann Arbor.  Believe it or not, I had never seen Pat's work except in magazine photographs.  It is stunning and so precise.  (Unfortunately, I did not get photos of Pat's quilts because of the lines waiting to get into her exhibit on the day I was photographing.  But, I have seen that Keiko Goke has showed Pat's work on her blog, Libby's also,  should you want to see them.

More tomorrow.....

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