Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sitges - a few more quilts

An International Invitational of Contemporary Quilts called Color Improvisations, curated by Nancy Crow, was the next special exhibit we saw. It has been travelling around since 2010. 

Wow!  Big, Bold, Loud, Quiet, Busy, Calm, Precise, not so precise - or should I say, Mysterious. Those adjectives were all represented.  Here's a sampling:

Edge #7  by Marina Kamenskaya

Structures #111 by Lisa Call

Construction #50 Birds by Leslie Joan Riley

close up of  Construction #50 Birds

Forest Floor by Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Fault Lines 3 - Kathleen Loomis

quilting detail, Fault Lines 3 - Kathleen Loomis

Self Portraits by Nancy Crow

close up of Self Portraits by Nancy Crow

Constructions #101 by Nancy Crow

Color Compositions #4 - Beata Keller-Kerchner

From Contemporary to Ancient Traditions

As we walked in to the main exhibition hall, we were greeted by a rather puzzling exhibit.  The quilts were clearly Indian, but there was no signage on any of the quilts, no introduction, nothing.  I took a cursory look and went upstairs to the primary exhibits.  Later I took a second look .  A Hungarian quilter, Anna Dolanyi, had collected all these quilts through her travels in remote places in India.   These quilts do not have a written history of who made them , they were simply part of the art and tradition of the people. 
 The elephant quilt was my favorite.  Small pieces of fabrics make the mosaic of this quilt.  It isn't pieced in a method we are familiar with.  Each piece of fabric is laid very close to the next one and then many strands of yarn or string or threads (for lack of better terms) are laid over the joints and couched to hold the pieces together.  


  1. Wow, what a treat to see all these wonderful things, you have been busy. It is always wonderful to see these things people create. Very inspirational as the snow has melted here and the mud and brown grass is covering the landscape...


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