Sunday, February 5, 2012

More play - triangles galore

It's the weekend, right?  Time to play.  All work and no play could make quilting a dull hobby.  Consequently I play a lot. It doesn't have to be a weekend either.

Victoria of Bumblebeans, Inc. and posted a tutorial called Triangles Galore.  This block is beautiful.  It offers a lot possibilities for different fabrics and different colors, and for experimenting with seldom used palettes.   I decided to try it.

My first effort was full of 'troubles'.  The center ballooned.  Triangles will do that to you with the bias edges and all.  I did a lot of unsewing and resewing.  That is a no-no.  More stretching of the fabric.  In the end I TRIMMED the large wedges to size and sewed them up.  Trimming worked to make the block (sort of) but, it isn't the right way, and triangle points didn't meet where they should.

My second effort turned out much better.  I figured out that I shouldn't match the points of the triangles, but off set them slightly by matching and pinning at the intersections of the seams.  Now, this is a BASIC piecing step that I know, but always forget especially when machine piecing. Maybe I have learned it now.  Anyway, no ballooning this time.  No need to trim anything down, and the triangle points met as they were supposed to.

Now that I have the technique down, I am going to be making more of this block.
Time to go play with  more colors and fabrics.  See ya later!


  1. I love the pink/green dot you used in the second one...I wish I had that for mine! glad you stuck with it... I'm totally addicted to playing with the layout of color. each one is a experiment with a happy ending! a beautiful block!

  2. Don't you hate that when you know how to do something but forget to do it that way? I'm quite familiar with that feeling!

  3. Glad to discover your blog today (thanks to Patchery Menagerie). We have a lot of common including cats and we even use the same blog template style! I'd love for you to visit me at


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