Saturday, February 4, 2012

Taking time to play

I know I need to buckle down and get going on a wedding quilt.  I have components of it made, but I haven't pulled it all together.  Instead I have been playing and trying out new stuff.

I started to make fabric with my scraps and got sidetracked from the usual modus operandi for that project almost immediately.  I had come upon a basket of tiny squares (1.5 inches) that have been waiting for "action" for a loooong time.

Hmmm....  I could make a checkerboard as I had plenty of gray marble squares that could separate all the different colored scraps or  I could make the postage stamp pattern using all the colored scraps randomly.  I started making the checkerboard.  I didn't want a zillion gray squares left over and have to cut more 1.5 inch scraps to go with them.

Gray and color,  gray and color, gray and color..... repetitive... boring. What if.....
I sew these blocks in the order they happen to lie after chain piecing and being dumped on the ironing board?  

And then mix up the four patches when they go together?

I love the randomness of this with its sparks of half square triangles.

16 x 16 with border
I still have plenty of little squares left and will probably add them as a few more rounds as I grow this piece of play.


  1. Fun, and a nice surprise. Love the pinwheels in the corners.

  2. That's really FUN! Simple really is best, isn't it. I like the lone HST "in the soup." I've been playing with scraps too, lately. Hard to figure why they are more alluring than the yardage in my stash at the moment...

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)


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