Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Triangle fun - two more blocks

Victoria's Triangles Galore pattern should come with a warning attached:  Caution: Addicting!
 My two newest blocks:

(the background color for the dark points is a dark grape)

So far I have made 4 blocks, I have another cut out, I have pulled fabric for at least 8 more blocks,  and I have a whole stack of fabric waiting for review.

Last night I decided that NOTHING in my stash was sacred.  I will use whatever catches my fancy, regardless of whether I had other ideas for a particular fabric.  The chances are that a) I'll have plenty of fabric left over, b) I can find a substitute from within my stash, or I can raid my friends' stashes, c) I won't get the "original" pattern made anyway.   I've put together some strange  interesting combinations - think lettuces, onions, garlic! These blocks won't be ready until next week.  I cleared off my big table in preparation for the international neighbors quilting class that meets here once a month.  Once that is over, I'll be back in the triangle mode.  LOL.  Gotta get my fix of cool fabric / color combinations!


  1. I love your triangles galore blocks. I have made three, and two of them have made their way into quilts already. I would like to make enough of them to build a large quilt. I just have to get better at getting those centers flat.

  2. You can certainly raid my stash anytime. I love seeing all the things you are doing. Wonderful fabric combinations.

  3. pretty blocks
    I have made 2 and plan to make more more more

  4. Love your Kaffe/Daisies quilt and looking forward to following you!

  5. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love them! they look fabulous! please add them to the flckr group!


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